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Localizing React Native apps from start to end


Localization (l10n), is the process of adapting applications and text to enable their usability in a particular market. From a dev standpoint, what immediately comes to mind is translating strings instead of hardcoding them - but there's much more to the topic. In the talk, I want to cover the following: - Different approaches to managing translation strings, and different libraries / tools which do that with React. - What mistakes can happen during localization and how to prevent them. - Through which services can I get my app translated, and explain a little about how translators themselves work. - What should I (not) do to help translators deliver quality translations. - At which points in the development process we can localize (coding, or perhaps already in design phase?). After the talk, I want the audience to have and understanding what tools are available to them, how to approach SW localization and how to (not) do it.

Speakers Bios

Speaker Bio

Vojtech has been coding React Native stuff for the past few years. He enjoys contributing to open source projects along the way and maintains a few as well. He's passionate about clean code, automated testing and good developer experience.



Vojtech Novak

Vojtech Novak

Vojtech Novak

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