September 5–6, 2024 | wrocław, poland

React Native EU in Wrocław:
your complete travel guide


Wrocław Congress Center

Following the conference tradition, we’re meeting once again at Wrocław Congress Center. Our venue is a part of the Centennial Hall Complex, which dates back to the early XX century and is inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. Its proximity to nature and Multimedia Fountain makes Wrocław Congress Center a great place to both learn and relax.
speaker at React native EU CONFERENCE
speaker at React native EU CONFERENCE
React Native EU conference dinner
React native EU CONFERENCE venue
React native EU CONFERENCE stage
people at React native EU CONFERENCE
people at React native EU CONFERENCE venue

Wrocław: The Meeting Place

Welcome to Wrocław, the historical capital of Lower Silesia, built on 100 bridges. The name may be challenging to pronounce (let’s try it together, /ˈvɹɔts.wɑf/), but your stay there will surely be easygoing.
As Poland’s third-largest city, Wrocław’s been dubbed the meeting place for a reason: not only is it located in the center of Europe, but it’s also a fast-developing business hub with a large student population and some unforgettable historical landmarks. Could you imagine a better place to hone your skills, get inspired, and connect with fellow React Native enthusiasts? We definitely can't!
europe map

Traveling to Wrocław

Depending on your original location, getting to our React Native conference may mean a longer or shorter journey. We’ve put together some helpful traveling tips and divided them into two groups: one focused on arriving at Wrocław and the other on making it to Wrocław Congress Center, where the conference takes place.

Whether you’re coming from across the ocean, a closer abroad, or Poland, there are three most popular ways of traveling from Wrocław.

by plane


Flying to Wrocław International Airport (WRO)

Most flights to Wrocław are operated by low-cost airlines (Ryanair and Wizz Air), but you can get there with regular network airlines like LOT, Lufthansa, SAS, KLM, or Swiss Airlines as well. Most European countries currently offer direct connections with WRO airport

by train


If you’re arriving from a country closer to Poland or from within the country, you might want to take the train. You should be able to make it in around 4 hours from Berlin and Warsaw, 6 hours from Prague, 7 hours from Vienna, and 10 hours from Budapest. You can find your connection using Polish State Railway’s website.

by car


Last but not least, if flexibility is a priority for you, you can also travel by car. It’s 346 km from Berlin, 270 km from Dresden, 332 km from Prague,  536 km from Vienna, 172 km from Poznań, 348 km from Warsaw, and 272 km from Kraków.


Arriving at React Native EU venue

When it comes to moving around the city, there are also plenty of options. You might want to consider:

Where to stay

With Wrocław being a popular tourist destination, you’ll find dozens of hotels and apartments to stay at. We particularly recommend the following accommodations, which you can book with a React Native EU participant discount:

Having good time

If React Native EU is all about learning and networking, why not do that while exploring the Wrocław and its attractions? After all, sightseeing, soaking in the city’s atmosphere, and making meaningful connections go together well. Check out our top picks for places worth visiting and activities worth trying:



Venue’s surrounding

The historical building of Centennial Hall, a multimedia fountain at Pergola, Szczytnicki Park, and the picturesque Japanese Garden.

Zoological Garden and Afrykarium

The largest zoo in Poland and the world’s only oceanarium dedicated solely to African flora and fauna.


Old Town

One of the most beautiful old market squares in Europe, with the Old Town Hall and one of the oldest restaurants in Europe.

Ostrów Tumski

Probably the most popular tourist attraction in Wrocław. The original urban settlement with old gas lanterns and Odra water cruises.




Za Zoo Beach Bar

A place to have a seat on the sand or grass, grab some street food, and enjoy a live DJ set. 

wrocław beach bar

Forma Płynna Beach Bar

A cozy spot near the Grunwald bridge, where you can relax by the river and grab a drink.

Neon Gallery

A charming backyard lit by historic neon lights that brings together art galleries, clubs, freelance artists, and bars.

neon gallery wrocław



Sport on the banks of Odra

If you’re more of an active person, you can rent a pedal boat or a kayak to explore the city by the river - an even do i the eco way with the help of Odra Centrum.

kayaking wrocław

WakePark Wrocław

A place to try your hand at various water sports, including wakeboarding, skimboarding, and waterskiing. Thrills guaranteed!

Dream Jump

If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, how about jumping 40 meters down from the roof of the Tarczyński Arena

wakepark wrocław

Eating out

Our talks will provide you with food for thought, but will most likely leave you hungry for local delicacies as well. Here are our top picks to choose if you want to satisfy this hunger:


  • Woosabi Lounge
  • Młoda Polska
  • Stół na Szwedzkiej
  • Pod Papugami 
  • Bernard
  • Mercado


  • Dojutra
  • Szklarnia
  • Browar 100mostów
  • Zbawcy win
  • Recepcja
  • Pasaż Pokoyhof


  • Pyszne
  • Uber Eats
  • Wolt
  • Glovo

We’ve gathered all the important locations and put them on a dedicated React Native EU map. Save it for later and navigate through Wrocław with ease!


Have more questions about the conference?

Now that you know about the venue, must-visit places in Wrocław, and our tips for travelers, you might still have some questions about React Native EU and its surroundings. We’ve gathered the most frequently asked ones in this section – but if you can’t find an answer to your question below, don’t hesitate to contact us at

What does the ticket include?


Buying a ticket to React Native EU 2023 gives you:

  • entry to two conference days (Sept 7-8, 2023) filled with insightful talks
  • opportunity to meet speakers and network in-person
  • welcome pack filled with goodies
  • access to catering (breakfast snack, lunch, and dinner)
  • access to chill out zone and the after party

Will I be able to communicate in English easily?


The team behind React Native EU speaks English fluently. So do other people involved in making the conference happen, as well as staff at hotels and restaurants in Wrocław. In general, Polish people show a very high level of proficiency in English, so you needn’t worry about communication issues as a foreigner.

How does the current geopolitical situation affect React Native EU?


Participants of React Native EU can rest assured that the current geopolitical situation will not affect the event. Poland is not a party to any conflict now, and the Polish government is committed to maintaining stability within its borders – so there’s no reason to believe that any disruption will occur during the conference.

What Covid-19 safety measures do you offer?


React Native EU is organized in line with the current coronavirus regulations, which you can check on the government website. To ensure the safety of our attendees, we equip the venue with sanitizer dispenser stations and make masks available at the reception desk.

What’s the weather like in Poland in September?


The weather in Poland in September is generally mild, with pleasant temperatures and moderate rainfall. In Wrocław, be prepared for temperatures around 15-25 °C during the day and 10-15 °C at night.

What are the costs associated with attending the conference, e.g., accommodation or food?


The daily accommodation cost ranges between €60-85 on average. The cost of food will vary depending on your choices, but to give you an idea, a meal at a mid-range restaurant costs around €17, a beer costs around €5, and a regular cappuccino costs about €3. For the current exchange rate, visit this website

Do I need a power adapter or converter for my stay in Wrocław?


In Poland, the power plug sockets are of type E, the standard voltage is 230 V, and the frequency is 50 Hz. For detail, check this website – but if you’re traveling from the US or the UK, there’s a fair chance you’ll need an adapter.