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React Native at Scale: How Microsoft is betting big on React Native to target BILLIONS of users


You probably know by now that React Native isn't just for mobile anymore. Thanks to the collaboration between Microsoft and Meta, you can use React Native to target Windows, macOS and mobile. But did you know that Microsoft is using React Native to power parts of Windows, with over 1 billion users? Or that key Microsoft businesses like Office and Xbox use React Native to get native performance and code sharing across platforms? Join us to learn how, where, and why Microsoft is using and improving React Native for all developers -- including you!

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Steven Moyes - Sr Product Manager working on React Native for Desktop. Ask me about building x-platform apps using JS/TS, and how you can supercharge your app for Windows using the Windows App SDK!

Slobo Stipic - I am a developer at heart and a software craftsman. Passionate about user experience and front-end technologies such as React Native.

Shiven Mian - Shiven is a Software Engineer at Microsoft in the Office division, where he helps drive React Native efforts across Office mobile applications, currently focusing on architecture and performance. Outside of work, he's an avid quizzer, football fan and concert hopper.

Speaker Bio



Steven Moyes

Steven Moyes

Slobo Stipic

Steven Moyes

Shiven Mian

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