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Improve all the repos – exploring Microsoft’s DevExp


Microsoft is big. Like, REALLY BIG. This means 100s of engineers working in their huge monorepos, and React Native experiences being thrown around across them... how can this even work? How do you improve, coordinate, remove frictions for so many codebases? In this talk, we will dive a bit deeper on the technical side to present you some of the unique challenges we face at the MS scale, and introduce you to some of our custom tooling – who knows, maybe it will be helpful for you too?

Speakers Bios

Speaker Bio

Tommy is a Software Engineer at Microsoft who has shipped React Native based experiences within existing Microsoft apps and are now focussing on tooling and making the developer experience better for everyone. Lorenzo is a Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft — a few years ago he decided to use React Native for a project. He hasn’t stopped since: he became an Open-Source maintainer for the core project, helping the Facebook team. He also cares a lot about mental health.



Lorenzo Sciandra & Tommy Nguyen

Lorenzo Sciandra & Tommy Nguyen

Lorenzo Sciandra & Tommy Nguyen

Date originally presented

September 2, 2021


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