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Real Time video communication made easy with RN (and WebRTC)


With WebRTC, you can add real-time communication capabilities to your mobile applications. In this talk I will take you step by step how easy it is to build a video chat application using React Native and WebRTC. The talk will introduce you to standard WebRTC application architecture of accessing the media devices, opening peer connections, discovering peers, and start streaming. We will implement all this with some live coding and demo using React Native.

Speakers Bios

Speaker Bio

Shivay Lamba is a software developer specializing in DevOps, Machine Learning and Full Stack Development. He is an Open Source Enthusiast and has been part of various programs like Google Code In and Google Summer of Code as a Mentor and is currently a MLH Fellow. He has also interned at organizations like EY, Genpact. He is actively involved in community work as well. He is a TensorflowJS SIG member, Mentor in OpenMined and CNCF Service Mesh Community, SODA Foundation and has given talks at various conferences like Github Satellite, Voice Global, Fossasia Tech Summit, TensorflowJS Show & Tell.



Akshat Paul

Akshat Paul

Akshat Paul

Date originally presented

September 1, 2021


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