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From Company to Community: How Expensify is Building Bridges with Open Source and React Native


Expensify's mission is to ""Live Rich, Have Fun, Save the World"", and at a high level that means building a community of people who come together to solve humanity’s urgent challenges. This guiding principle has informed the decision to rebuild Expensify's product as a next-gen collaboration tool, from the ground up with a fully open-source front-end. This approach gives us access to specialized talent, enables us to scale up our engineering capacity without expanding the internal team, and ultimately preserves Expensify's tight-knit culture, keeping us laser-focused on our long-term vision. In this speech, we'll take a tour of Expensify's open-source contribution program and demonstrate how the company engages a global network of contributors to build features, fix bugs, and ultimately build a better product. Our commitment to communal ownership of our dependencies, and the drive to build up the entire React Native community, ties into our long-term goal to build a community that empowers people to ""Get Shit Done."" We'll discuss in detail how the program works, including the various roles we’ve made available for external contributors, how they can get paid to contribute, and some of the lessons learned along the way. Join us as we explore how Expensify is building bridges with open-source and React Native, and how this approach aligns with our mission to make a positive impact on the world.

Speakers Bios

Speaker Bio

I'm a Full Stack developer at Expensify, and I've helped build our open-source program since it's inception. I spend a huge portion of my time working with developers from all across the React Native community to help us build our product and, importantly, to improve our dependencies.

GitHub: @roryabraham



Rory Abraham

Rory Abraham

Rory Abraham

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