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Taking React Native to Consoles, TVs, and Beyond Using the Dark Power of C++


In the React Native codebase lurk nearly 56 000 lines of C++, a full third of its native code and growing. Rather than shy away from it, can we embrace this dark power to go beyond iOS and Android and get to Xbox, PlayStation, smart TVs, and even embedded devices like Roku? Using techniques from our friends in the game industry, let’s explore what it means to go fully cross platform.

Speakers Bios

Speaker Bio

Erik is a Developer Relations Manager at You.i TV, a company based out of Ottawa, Canada that creates a C++ game-like engine that hosts React Native for 11 platforms to power video applications in a cross-platform manner. For the last 3 years he has worked as a Sales Engineer. He's been responsible for the technical evaluation of tier 1 media clients including Twitch, Turner, NFL, Crunchyroll, Disney, AT&T, Warner Bros., Sky, and MLB among others. In these engagements he's seen the amount of investment these companies are putting into media, as well as the challenges they face and solutions they require. He is a fan of functional and declarative programming, game development, and exploring Rust in his spare time.



Erik Uggeldahl & Andrew Emmons

Erik Uggeldahl & Andrew Emmons

Erik Uggeldahl & Andrew Emmons

Date originally presented

September 9, 2019


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