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How JSI powers the most advanced Camera library (VisionCamera Frame Processing)


Everyone talks about JSI - it will be powering the upcoming React Native re-architecture, it is already used by some libraries (such as Reanimated), and a lot of people already explained how it works and what problem it solves. But what does this have to do with a Camera library?

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Speaker Bio

In this talk I will explain how JSI and Reanimated Worklets power VisionCamera's flexible and powerful plugin API for general purpose Camera frame processing (e.g. Object-detection, Image-labeling, Facial-recognition, Text-recognition, WebRTC, ...), why this is such a game-changer, and what this means for real world applications.


Marc Rousavy

Marc Rousavy

Marc Rousavy

Marc Rousavy

Date originally presented

September 2, 2021

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