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Testing Library Meets React Native


React empowered us to render user interfaces anywhere – in memory, browsers, mobile devices to name a few. Rendering in memory is cheap and fast compared to runtime environment, so in-memory UI testing libraries emerged. One of the most popular one now is React Testing Library. Soon after it went public, React Native Testing Library was created trying to implement their style of testing for React Native components. And a few months later another one came to light out of the blue, quickly becoming an official one. The community ended up with two almost identical libraries. Sounds confusing, huh? It was! This story is about all this drama, how it eventually turned out, how community and empathy wins, how businesses help sustain OSS, sprinkled with examples of how you can test your React Native components with just JavaScript.

Speakers Bios

Speaker Bio

Maria is a software engineer working with React and React Native, focusing on TypeScript. Big fan of clean code and functional programming. In free time get relaxed while playing the piano and drawing.



Maria Marchenkova

Maria Marchenkova

Maria Marchenkova

Date originally presented

September 3, 2020


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