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Visual Regression Test in React Native


Visual Regression tests are essential for any type of UI development. Without it, you might ship an application after changing the looks of one page without knowing that you broke several other pages. If we can easily see the difference you made in UI for every single PR, it can make the life of reviewers and QAs much simpler. But how would we go about making visual regression test with react native projects? In this talk, I will be sharing what me and my team has been using to perform visual regression test on react native projects, including how components will look in light mode and dark mode.

Speakers Bios

Speaker Bio

Jesse Katsumata is a Full-stack developer, originally from Bay Area in California, currently residing at Tokyo, Japan. He is currently at CureApp, Inc. working on digital therapeutics apps developed with React Native. He is also a member of React Native community org, maintaining some of the Lean Core modules. He helped out with several translation projects, translated documents of many open source projects such as Gatsby, React.js. He loves to listen to classical music and contributing to OSS.



Jesse Katsumata

Jesse Katsumata

Jesse Katsumata

Date originally presented

September 3, 2020


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