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React Native Apps Can Be Beautiful - An App Animation Showcase


Animations in React Native apps can seem difficult and unnecessary. I will try to prove that they can be easy, achievable and necessary to make your app delightful.

Speakers Bios

Speaker Bio

BY DAY: Binge watching tv-shows BY NIGHT: Trying to manage thousands of app and website ideas per minute and maybe sometimes getting around to writing actual code. In all seriousness: My name is Aleks, I'm Polish. I studied French Philology but I chose a career in tech. I have worked in an e-commerce agency and currently I work for Format, which is a portfolio website builder. The best one out there! I would know, I wrote some of it ;) I have two kids, a cat, a dog and recently a Mexican axolotl joined our family. I also have a personal website: Format website:



Aleksandra Desmurs-Linczewska

Aleksandra Desmurs-Linczewska

Aleksandra Desmurs-Linczewska

Date originally presented

September 3, 2020


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