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Getting to the Native in React Native


Voice is the next frontier for input on mobile devices. You can use it for inputting text instead of a keyboard but better use it to do actions on your mobile or website. This can be opening a task or screen in your app or even process it with NLP (natural language processing) to get the users intention and create a magical experience. In this talk you will see how to get voice input ready in React Native, how to react on voice input and how to process it to get the intent from the user voice.

Speakers Bios

Speaker Bio

Wouter is a Dutch web and mobile developer and consultant currently working at Synappz Mobile Health and as freelances for start-ups and big companies. Busy since 1996 with the web and with mobile since 2002. He has built more than 100 apps, from Symbian to BlackBerry to iOS and Android and now on an endeavor with React Native and already build more than 10 applications small and big with it. He is always interested in new technics to create the best apps or websites.



Wouter van den Broek

Wouter van den Broek

Wouter van den Broek

Date originally presented

September 5, 2019


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