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Building Real-Time Multi-User Apps with JSON Patches


JSON patches can be used over JSON document for persistent storage that opens up the doors for realtime multi-user apps. They are serializable, small-sized, transferable between realms (threads and network); helps in multi-user implementation, easy to version with history (undo/redo), offline first (optimistic updates). Let's use JSON patches with React / React Native to build a framework for real-time multi-user apps.

Speakers Bios

Speaker Bio

On a mission to bring Design and Code closer. I identify myself as an Open Source guy who loves to experiment with new tech. I live to break it, hack it, and use it. Currently building BuilderX, a design tool which codes. Addicted to Wanderlust. Wannabe Backpacker. You can find me at conferences like React Europe and Chain React. Curiosity hasn't killed my cat yet.



Sanket Sahu

Sanket Sahu

Sanket Sahu

Date originally presented

September 4, 2020


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