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React Native MicroApp Architecture


Trendyol is the largest e-commerce company in Turkey, established in 2010 to provide a seamless e-commerce experience to our customers and vendors. At Trendyol Technology team, we scale up vertically. And each team develops their features end-to-end. With this MicroApp Architecture, teams can develop their own domains independently. Our main goal is to improve the code ownership and differentiate business and infrastructure parts, independent deployments. It provides a stable, reusable micro app that can be easily testable. We separate native and domain parts by repositories, these repositories can be developed independently and these independent parts bring together through the build step.

Speakers Bios

Speaker Bio

Batuhan is Engineering Team Lead at Trendyol Tech. He began his career in another e-commerce company and then worked as a Frontend Engineer in many start-ups and companies. Currently, he is working with Seller Center Web and Mobile Core teams. Their aim is to empower all users and frontend/mobile developers to achieve maximum efficiency and effectiveness by enabling and building a first-class web/mobile experience.



Batuhan Tozun

Batuhan Tozun

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Batuhan Tozun

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