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React Native Performance - Take 2


As React Native is being used to build many large scale mobile apps. It is important to profile performance to ensure a smooth user experience. Previously, Ram had written and spoken about adding instrumentation to understand the performance characteristics of the app. As the next step, he will explore the various optimizations that can be done in this talk. He will focus on the Javascript section, something where there are many more low hanging fruits to optimizie. Starting from React Dev Tools, Ram will look at how developers can leverage their existing knowledge of web performance to attack mobile perf. Ram will talk about understanding SysTrace and Sampling Profilers. He will also debunk common myths like the problems with measuring app performance using Chrome JS profiler, debug versions of the app, etc. In this talk, Ram will plan to outline a holistic approach that can be used to dive deeper into React Native performance.

Speakers Bios

Speaker Bio

Ram is an Engineering Manager at Oculus. He was formerly on the React Native team, working on performance and re architecture of React Native.



Parashuram N

Parashuram N

Parashuram N

Date originally presented

September 3, 2020


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