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React developers in a wild world of native apps


Going from web to mobile? Starting with React Native comes naturally for React developers, but there are some significant differences because mobile development is a totally different adventure. In this talk, I'd like to go over the challenges you'll experience in your journey from React to React Native apps. I'll offer my own experience as a React developer on how to get started building mobile apps and a new perspective showing that the mobile world is quite different from the web. I want to share all the differences, challenges, and advantages to keep in mind when diving into the native apps universe.

Speakers Bios

Speaker Bio

Software Engineer living and working in Serbia. Tech Lead in Badin Soft with experience working on React and React Native apps. Loves teaching and mentoring, and considers it a work of heart. Supporting women who code and inspiring girls in their path to become successful developers.



Milica Aleksic

Milica Aleksic

Milica Aleksic

Date originally presented

September 2, 2021


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