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Changing React Native... from within!


React Native has been used across Microsoft a lot, over the last few years. Only recently, though, we have realized how its developer experience and its community are in a precarious situation. We decided, then, to approach the problem in the most impactful way possible: by going straight to the source! Join us in this talk to hear what we are doing to make life better for everyone in the community, from open sourcing new tools, to creating new cross-company groups and even in collaborating directly with Meta in the core codebase (and not just there!). As a smart person once said: “a rising tide lifts all boats” - and we, we want to be the moon!

Speakers Bios

Speaker Bio

Adam is a principal software engineer at Microsoft. He spent his first 20 years building C++ apps and products, and in 2018, he made the leap to JavaScript and React Native and hasn't looked back. Adam is a developer experience enthusiast, a tool builder, and a creative storyteller. When Adam's not working, he's adventuring with his family, making something out of wood or Lego, working on his house, or tinkering with some new piece of tech.



Adam Foxman

Adam Foxman

Adam Foxman

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