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Dev Workflows with "Headless" Content Management: Time to Re-Attach the Head


While code goes through a build/release workflow, and your app handles user data, there is a middle ground of ""Content Management"". Servers can provide content and configuration to continuously tweak the behavior of your app in the wild. How can we make this process easier and more robust? What happens if we blur the lines between your app's user data, content, and code? With React Native's primitives, can we re-attach the front end of the ""Headless CMS"", and directly render our content on every platform?

Speakers Bios

Speaker Bio

Eric is self-taught software engineer who has used React since the year it was released. A former member of the React Native and Open Source teams at Facebook, Eric led the initial development of React Navigation. Now Eric is focusing on Zerve, an Open Source startup.



Eric Vicenti

Eric Vicenti

Eric Vicenti

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