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Lets go 3D with React Native


One of the most exciting apps genre today are Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality apps and boy it’s never been easy to build them with React Native. In this talk we will learn with practical example how to blend digital and physical world together using React Native. I'll take you to quick introduction to Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. Fundamentals of ARKit for iOS which is one of biggest AR platform and ARcore for Android. Will use Viro React to do live coding and build an experience like never before for audience. My target for this talk is to make React Native devs familiarised with this world of AR/VR so that they take advantage of this new skill by going through practical example and see for themselves how easy it is with React Native.

Speakers Bios

Speaker Bio

Akshat Paul is a software architect and author of many books most recently React Native for Mobile Development,The Ruby Workshop and RubyMotion iOS Development Essentials. He is also a seasoned technical reviewer on the topics of React, React Native, and Microservices with top publishers. He has extensive experience in mobile and web development. In other avatars, Akshat frequently speaks at conferences and meetups on various technologies. He was an invited speaker at the TheDevTheory Conference India, Devops@scale Amsterdam, React Native Conference EU, , RubyConfIndia, and the #inspect-RubyMotion Conference Brussels. He was also the keynote speaker at technology leadership events in Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur on TDD. Besides writing code, Akshat spends time with his family, is an avid reader, and is obsessive about healthy eating. More information about Akshat can be found at



Akshat Paul

Akshat Paul

Akshat Paul

Date originally presented

September 3, 2020


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