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Getting to the Native in React Native


The Native part in React Native can look very scary and intimidated but is does not have to be that way, so in this talk you will see what the most frequent challenges are when working on the native side of React Native and how to conquer them. If you attend this session you see and learn how to solve a lot of native issues that pop up when working with React Native native code and modules. - The basic of the React Native native module What Is a native module in react native, what are all the moving parts, how do the function in the total process of react native and what is the potential - Extending native modules Native modules are easy extendable, you can use other languages like Swift or Kotlin and even other platforms (Windows/Mac). Also you can extend existing native modules form others if you want to - Building Showing what happens when building, how to solve build errors, solving dependencies and to release when building succeeded - Tips & Tricks Some more tips and tricks when working with native code in your react native project which I encountered in my career.

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Wouter van den Broek

Wouter van den Broek

Wouter van den Broek

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September 5, 2018


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