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Building Accessibility Hooks for React Native & Web


Accessibility shouldn't be a choice that developers should make. It should go without asking. Syncing states, adding the support of screen readers and keyboard interactions can be cumbersome. My team and I have built a set of React hooks that make it easy to build accessible React Native and Web components that complies with the WAI-ARIA standards. It's an adoption of React Aria (by Adobe) in React Native for mobile platforms. The web support is also enabled using React Native Web to make universal components that are accessible by default on all the platforms. We call it React Native Aria. Let's talk about it!

Speakers Bios

Speaker Bio

Sanket is the founder of GeekyAnts - a Design and Development studio that is the team behind popular Open Source projects such as NativeBase, BuilderX, SyncState, and others. He is on a mission to empower everyone to build things and has spoken at conferences such as ReactNative EU, React Europe, ReactDay Bangalore, and others. Fun fact - he is also amazing at playing the guitar and has a studio at home!



Sanket Sahu

Sanket Sahu

Sanket Sahu

Date originally presented

September 1, 2021


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