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How to actually improve the performance of a React Native app?


"Have you ever searched the internet for tips for improving React Native performance? Did you find many materials including various optimization techniques but you weren’t sure where to apply them? Did you manage to solve some issues, but they came back after some time? The user's interaction with the application is a process. A process that could be optimized like any other. UI/UX experts are working hard on doing it from a layout perspective, but we can also improve it from a purely technical side. During this talk, I'll walk you through the robust methodology of performance optimization of any application and show you how to apply it in React Native."

Speakers Bios

Speaker Bio

Michał is an experienced technical consultant and software development freak. He loves React Native, and he's been buliding builds its ecosystem since early 2016. Former Head of Delivery at Callstack, now he helps other companies ship amazing products and build high-performing teams.



Michał Chudziak

Michał Chudziak

Michał Chudziak

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