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GraphQLifying React Native App


Case study of migrating a large scale application (200k+ weekly users) to using Apollo Client 3.0 for data layer and state management. Features covered include - New BE GraphQL API to replace multiple separate api calls - Local resolver for REST API without GraphQL endpoint - Type policies using custom keyFields and cache references - Local state management with reactive variables for cache - Cache updates with queries and cache.modify The end result turned out great, but the talk will also cover potential pitfalls and how those were able to be overcome.

Speakers Bios

Speaker Bio

Head of Mobile development @ Gofore. Juha is a Mobile/React Native developer, author of react-native-ci and react-native-bluetooth-status. "Give me React Native/Typescript/GraphQL project and I am happy."



Juha Linnanen

Juha Linnanen

Juha Linnanen

Date originally presented

September 4, 2020


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