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Scaling of the PlayStation App with React Native


In 2017 we launched a version of the PS App with 5 major features that complemented the experience of the player’s console. By 2019 we had a new challenge, bring a new generation of the PlayStation experiences that players loved as well as newer features that would delight and attract new players into the PlayStation ecosystem.
In this talk you’ll learn what philosophies as well as guidelines we created in order to set up our application for a long term future keeping quality, performance, and scalability of our code base, features and teams.

Speakers Bios

Speaker Bio

Fernando is a Staff Software Engineer at PlayStation based in San Francisco working on the PS App with React Native. Some of his hobbies include photography (macro and landscapes), reading,  and exploring new cities.

X: @devnandor GitHub: @fernando-sendMail



Fernando Ruiz

Fernando Ruiz

Fernando Ruiz

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