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Stripe React Native: A simple set of solutions to a complex set of problems


"Stripe React Native: A simple set of solutions to a complex set of problems Collecting payments in an app is notoriously difficult. Before you get started, you need to decide whether you can collect payments directly, or if you need go through in app purchases. Then the wide world of different payment methods, security, PCI compliance, optimized checkout flows, and more awaits you. That isn’t a task list that gets many developers excited With Stripe’s React Native libraries, our goal is to provide a broad set of solutions for any payment scenario an app might have. This doesn’t just mean exposing a method to charge card details though. Today we’ll go through some of the features offered by Stripe React Native, when/why you’d use them, and then go through a quick demo. 1. Payment Elements like CardField, AuBECS Form, and Bank redirects, which you can use to create payment methods for customers, no matter where they are or what payment methods they use 2. Don’t feel like spending weeks of engineering time on a Checkout flow in your app? Stripe provides the PaymentSheet which can now be customized and tailored to your app’s own UI. With PaymentSheet, your checkout flow is already optimized, and you can start accepting new payment methods without even shipping out an app update (that’s right, server-side controls!) 3. We’ve mentioned payment methods a lot. Something that’s easily forgotten, especially by me living in a country where credit cards are so ubiquitous, is that if your business plans on operating on an international or global scale, you need to support the payment methods that your customers are comfortable and familiar with. Luckily, whether you’re using PaymentSheet or your own checkout flow, Stripe React Native supports over 20 payment methods. 4. What would a mobile payment talk even be if I didn’t mention Apple Pay and Google Pay? Of course Stripe React native supports the full suite of APIs from each, which means you’re not giving up anything by working in React Native. In addition to that, you even have access to the more specific use cases like adding cards to a users native mobile wallet! <demo of the Payment Sheet with customized appearance> - when to use the payment sheet <demo of custom UI using CardField> - when to use the individual elements and build your own checkout flow <demo of adding a card to your native wallet>? <- this might be too specific of a use case Last slide on Stripe’s future plans for React Native- releasing first-class support for it with new mobile features: <insert new libraries that are currently unreleased but will be available before the talk itself>"

Speakers Bios

Speaker Bio

Charlie is a software engineer at Stripe, where he works on ensuring developers using Stripe have powerful tools at their disposal to get their work done efficiently, and enjoyably! One of his focuses is the Stripe React Native SDK, which allows you to build delightful payment experiences faster and easier than ever.



Charlie Cruzan

Charlie Cruzan

Charlie Cruzan

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